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Experienced, successful entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs alike often ask the same question: How can new entrepreneurs learn from the experiences of others? The answer is mentoring. Mentoring is a term historically used to describe a teacher-student relationship. In the business world, mentoring occurs when a more experienced professional (the mentor) gives significant career assistance to a less-experienced professional (the protégé).


Networking is an invaluable tool that anyone in the business world can utilize. Effective networking can be your best form of marketing as well as being extremely affordable. To give a definition of networking, networking occurs when there is a planned event or gathering with the primary goal of connecting with others.


Roundtables are informal group discussions among professional people who voluntarily serve as information and support resources for each other. Participants meet regularly and learn from each other's experiences. Over time, professional relationships develop and participants become familiar with each other's businesses.

Staying Informed/Staying Current

The Information Age has changed our society just as much, if not more than, the Industrial Revolution changed the farming society of the 1800s. It's a fast-paced, wired world, with news flashing around the world almost instantly, e-mail connecting far-flung correspondents all over the globe, and information bombarding us from all sides. Unfortunately, often the information bombarding us is not information that can help our businesses thrive. We must learn to cultivate our own methods for staying abreast of developments in our particular field, and we must learn to ignore information we can't use.